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10 Travel Commandments

10 Travel Commandments

1. Thou shall be responsible for scouting airfare deals and hardly ever paying more for a flight than your student loans.

2. Thou shall work on never packing "what if" outfits. The price to check your bag is never worth the grip.

3. Thou shall dance your life away and compete on the dance floor blindly. Thou shall be embarrassed because you aren't as good as you think you are but you shall not care. Thou will continue on.....people's youtube...fbook...twitter...

2. Thou shall bask in the sun hoping it doesn't rain and ruin your $90 perm.

3. Thou shall wear life vests at any given time water is involved because you want to make it back home.

4. Thou shalt not come down with alcohol poisoning because you are a classy drunk. No one knows when a classy drunk is drunk.

5. Thou shalt not travel in super large groups because you enjoy your sanity and peaceful bathroom breaks.

6. Thou shalt not become enslaved in a 9-5 that hinders your ability to travel.

7. Thou shall honor your travel miles and discounts.

8. Thou shall be an active Groupon participant while on vacation seeking affordable human activities in the world of the rich

9. Thou shalt not ask stupid questions to the person sitting next to you in a plane if they clearly don't care to talk. Don't be that guy. 

10. Thou shall understand that travel is a way of life..it is whatever you make it

Passports & Pets

Passports & Pets

Travel Solo..Yes Plz!

Travel Solo..Yes Plz!